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    Peppers & Olives

    The prized fruit of the Olive tree, Olives have been grown and enjoyed across the Mediterranean for centuries. Simultaneously, we have captured the warmth and heat of the Mediterranean sun in our delicious range of pickled peppers and chillies. Bevelini brings you a select range of truly premium quality olives and a delicious range of pickled peppers and chillies that will shine in any pantry and delight the most discerning taste buds. Enjoy world-renowned Greek Kalamata Olives which are grown in the region of Kalamata, alongside Greek Halkidiki and Spanish Hojiblanca Olives. Our rich and sumptuous pickled and lightly roasted Red Peppers are as flavourful in taste as they are vibrant in colour. Or why not generously sprinkle our Red and Green Jalapeno Peppers onto your pizza, pasta or salads for moderate, flavour-led heat which delivers with every bite.
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    Olive Oil

    Olive Oil is at the heart of Mediterranean cooking. Its versatility lends itself to roasting, frying, sautéing or marinating. It is also more commonly used as a condiment on dining tables, to add an extra depth of flavour to any savoury dish, or it can be used to create sumptuous and nutritious salad dressings. Bevelini’s range of Olive Oils are produced in the sun-kissed olive groves of Crete, which is considered by many as one of the finest Olive Oil producing regions on earth. All of our range is Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which alongside signifying quality, means that when produced, its acidity levels are below 0.8%. It is produced using a cold-extraction method, which means you’ll enjoy a richer and more intense flavour experience. The jewel in our crown is our Kolymvari Extra Virgin Olive Oil. It is produced in the world-renowned Kolymvari region of Crete and has been awarded Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) certification by the EU. If you’re looking for a truly superior taste experience, then this is for you.
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    Beans, Pulses, Grains

    Although pulses and grains are enjoyed in various parts of the world, they are a key part of the Mediterranean diet. As well as being nutritious and having their own unique tastes and subtle aromas, they help to give life to the wonderful flavours and ingredients in which they are cooked. There are a wide variety of dishes you can enjoy with our range. From salads, stews and soups, to Greek Fava and Louvi – all served alongside our simple and easy-to-make Cous Cous. Of course, we suggest that you use our premium quality Chick Peas to create your very own, home-made houmous.
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    Herbs, Spices, Seasonings

    Thyme and Oregano are two of the most widely used herbs across the Mediterranean. They have their own signature tastes and aromas, which uplift the ingredients with which they are used. They deliver a fresh, yet mild-earthy flavour - synonymous with Mediterranean cooking. For those looking for a little convenience, without compromising on quality, we have developed: Mixed Herbs, Mediterranean Seasoning and Hot Mediterranean Seasoning. We have brought together a carefully considered blend of herbs and spices which can be infused into soups and stews, or to create a flavourful marinade for your fish, meat or vegetables.
The Mediterranean diet

Eating well

If only the secret ingredient to the Mediterranean diet were simply the warm, feel-good rays of the Mediterranean sun. Alas, it is not so. However, study after study has lauded the numerous health benefits of the Mediterranean diet. But what exactly is it and what does it include?

There are many variations of ingredients and dishes enjoyed across the region that vary based on country, culture and ethnicity. However, you will find that there are groups of ingredients and some simple guiding principles, which when followed as part of the diet have proven to achieve positive outcomes for its consumers. From reducing the risks of heart disease, diabetes and obesity, the diet has also shown to increase life expectancy, amongst many other health benefits.

The Mediterranean diet is:

  • High in fruits and vegetables
  • Rich in nuts, peas, beans and pulses
  • Features cereals and grains
  • Includes fish, but is very low in meat (especially red meat) and dairy products
  • Features unsaturated fats such as olive oil

The Mediterranean diet is one which promotes a balanced diet for the long term. That’s why we have always made championing good quality ingredients and delicious balanced recipes from across the region, a core part of the Bevelini ethos.

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