The Story

We asked people what first came to mind when they thought of the Mediterranean; hot summers, warm winters, beautiful beaches, scenic landscapes, a laid-back lifestyle and easy-going locals. What came up most often however, was good food.

Since the early 90’s, Bevelini has been synonymous with the finest in Mediterranean foods googletest. An unwavering passion for quality and a mission to champion the benefits of foods from the region, led it to become one of the UK’s leading Mediterranean food suppliers.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the brand came off the shelves in 2013. However, after a change in brand ownership and two years of development…Bevelini is back! Working with many of the original producers, sourcing the very finest tasting ingredients, Bevelini returns with a revitalised zeal: making shoppers Happy, promoting a Healthy diet and becoming, once again, the UK’s leading supplier of the very best in Mediterranean foods.